Oxfordshire Paving LTD

Oxfordshire Paving

Oxfordshire Paving LTD are a company based in Oxfordshire that specialise in block paving, tarmac, natural stone and resin bound for driveways and patios.


To build a strong online presence which will result in leads being generated for the contractor and allow them to showcase their work and products.


The work was split into separate sections with the first part of the project creating a website which is easy to navigate and will allow regular updates to the website.

The second part of the work involved the use of keyword targeted results throughout the Oxfordshire area and specifically built around their brand name.

Establishing the brand name is very important since the chosen company name is tied into a general keyword meaning it is not unique.

The Result of Our Work

A very strong internet presence based upon keyword driven traffic. Targeted results over the entire Oxfordshire area has meant a significant upon of pages were added to target specific areas which were tied into the company brand name.

Developing and building the brand name was done using citations and social media platforms.

  • Increase in leads for the entire area
  • Wide range of keyword since the services provided crossed many different services.
  • Higher engagement levels on all platforms
  • Improved position on keywords for generic search terms and targeted keywords.